Henry VIII and Family

Friday, July 2, 2010


Greetings and well met!

I thought I would start this blog adventure by giving you a little idea of what this page is all about!

I became an avid Tudors fan about 10 years ago.... and my fascination started with Elizabeth I. Little did I know how much my fascination would grow once I began reading and researching about the entire Tudor Dynasty! I decided after many years of watching movies, reading books, etc, to start my own page solely dedicated to the Dynasty that contained two of the most successful Monarchs in British history.

This page is for anything having to do with the Tudors..... the history, the myths, the people, the battles, the court, the books, movies, articles, other blogs, and the list goes on. Feel free to comment or share input on here, as I would like this to be a space for all Tudors fans to enjoy and learn from.

And, so.... I give you "A Lion's Share."

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