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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Weekly Feature!


Well, my readers, fellow Tudors fans... here it is... if you are interested in re-living the Showtime Series "The Tudors," this will be the place to do it! In my blog, "A Leonine Voice," I gave a very detailed synopsis/review of every episode of the final season of the show that has become so beloved to me. So, I have decided... why not do it with ALL of the episodes? People really seem to enjoy reading them, enjoy perusing the pictures I use to illustrate some of what I am writing about, and I figured it would be something fun for me as well, as I have been missing the show a GREAT deal, probably even more so now than ever before, knowing there won't be a new season this Spring. I will be starting from the beginning.... Season One, Episode One.

I do hope you will all check it out and give your input. I'm very excited to get this project started!

Hope everyone has had a fantatasic New Year so far!!!!!
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