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Sunday, August 22, 2010

For Those Who Are Missing "The Tudors"

Your Majesty

I belong to many Tudors based communities, and I love the random things that are shared by other Tudors fans! Some of the best things that are shared among Tudors fans are fan videos! I have been pretty sad since the series ended in June and these videos are a bit of a consolation. :) I thought I would share some videos that I enjoy! I hope you all enjoy them too!

A little background about this video.... it's not a fan video, it is a clip from one of my most favorite scenes in the Tudors series. It's extremely intense and I just LOVE the chemistry between Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer in these scenes!

Season 3
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  1. aw great videos :] I love watching fan videos, it really does help when your missing the show :] I made a short tudors vid recently you can check out if your interested :] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73g0Nm4Bd4w

  2. Just finished watching all 4 seasons of The Tudors, borrowed from the library. Very well done! I found myself sympathizing with Henry VIII and understood his decision-making process a little better, yet also sympathized with the wives. I loved the way they developed the character of Anne Boleyn. Great series! May have to break down and buy it. Definitely worth watching again and again.